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Philosophy of Life

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Marie-Rose Basic ideas, taught by Marie-Rose in the trainingsDuring very many years, I thought that some people were lucky and others were not. I also thought that life was unfair and so hard with some of them.
Then, one day, I read this sentence: “Everything you have in your life is here because you have attracted it.”.
Of course, I was very surprised and shocked because some areas in my life had been very unpleasant; diseases, a very difficult life relationship, etc. It seemed impossible for me to have attracted all these negative situations myself, since I obviously thought that I was positive like most of the people. In fact, I was not positive I was optimistic. I was filled with negative beliefs about everything too.

The beliefs are all the thoughts, the ideas, the principles that the education and society implant and which become a pattern of functioning, a basis of creation in life. We have all received negative programs for our society is very negative, and as everybody functions according to the same values, the same rules, it becomes obvious that no one sees this negativity anymore. It becomes part of “normality”.
Your life occurs, functions of all these programs, all these beliefs you have let enter into you since you were little.
Little girls do this and don’t do that; they say this and not that. Little boys do this and not that; they say this and not that… Life is like that, people are like that and work is like that… and this is like that for everything in life.
Each one of us establishes the basis of his life according to the information he received.
Of course, there is also what you consciously know about yourself: the beliefs you know that are there, within you, but there is also a much bigger part of the beliefs that are in your subconscious. Those are the beliefs you have accumulated, you have let enter within you and that you don’t even remember. But they are here, you are impregnated with them, without even being aware of them, and you can discover them through your own experiences. Your life will show this to you.
The beliefs and thoughts you have are like subtle vibrations that you spread around you, like the image of a stone thrown in a pond that spreads wider and wider circles around it.
As an example, if you are afraid of dogs, that’s the vibration you spread, so even if you are among many people, a dog will come directly towards you and bark at you. You attract this situation according to what you have in you, in your subconscious, even though you weren’t specially thinking of it at that time. This functions the same way for everything that happens in your life at all the levels and in all its aspects.
All the situations that you live are the reflection of your beliefs, your thoughts, and the vibrations you spread, as you are conscious of them or not.

During that period of time, I learnt to discover the creative power of the thoughts and words, because I had obviously learnt that in life, every one reaped what he had sewn. In fact, for me, at that time, I thought that this was mostly and only applied to the actions.
I truly didn’t think that the thoughts could have an effect on my life since no one on the outside could sense them. As for the words, they were said to vanish. Only the writings could be trusted and they seemed important in our western society, so intellectual and so sure to detain the truth, to know better than the other cultures.
On the contrary, in some more primitive societies, the parole is still very important and respected. Those are cultures that use the power of the thinking, of the dreams and other dimensions of oneself that are judged to be non-existent by the scientific community. Who only believe in the concrete, the provable and the palpable of the physical world.
The American Indians live in harmony with nature talking to the trees and animals. They love and respect their environment. In return, the Earth nourishes them and they are happy. They don’t live the lack.
The aborigines from Australia, who still live in the desert, still use their abilities for telepathy and have a lesser need for words. They communicate otherwise. They use many more abilities. They live the abundance because every day, the Universe and the Earth provide them for their needs and desires. This is very difficult to believe for a scientific and intellectual spirit that thinks itself as superior and advanced.
Actually, who are the most advanced Beings on Earth?
Are they the ones who live in harmony with Nature and qualify the Earth as Mother, taking care of her, loving and respecting her? These ones are also related to the cosmic energies, the sky that they qualify as father.
Or are they the ones who know better than all the others. Believing themselves more powerful and superior. Not considering the Universe, as they are ignorant to the interactions between the Nature and the man? Those ones want to do everything with force and master the elements. Often, they respect nothing and devastate the Earth.

Therefore I accepted to live accordingly to other beliefs. If there were the terrestrial laws, there were also the cosmic laws, the same universal laws which appeared to me, more fair because they were the same for all. Absolutely all of us: no privilege, favoritism or caper.I chose to see how my life would be using criteria other than the ones I had been brought up and lived with until then.
I started to change the way I was functioning to have another result in my life. It was like changing bubbles.
I was learning how to see life and events from another point of view, with another outlook, another perception. I was starting to change my behaviors, to become positive. I could see how negative I had been before without even realizing it. I was also expecting the worst, which obviously happened. I was aghast to see also to what extent I had been negative. I was sometimes violent through my thoughts, my words (the expressions I used) and even my actions!!! I actively participated in everything that happened in my life. In an unconscious way, no doubt about that, but in such a creative way.
There was no room for chance. It was a matter of programming, a law of cause and effect, of action and reaction, very simple.
Everything I sent through thought, word, or action would come back to me like a boomerang. It was up to me then to choose the quality of experiences I wanted to live. I was 100% responsible and master of all that happened in my life.

I eventually knew I could do something. I was not obliged to be subjected to anything anymore. I was becoming free. What a gift!
Therefore I decided to reverse the process, always seeing the positive aspects in all circumstances. To expect the best. I decided to push back the limits in which I had been confined, imprisoned and trapped. I changed the programs within me. Of course, this implied to put aside the ego. I accepted to learn to live in a different way. It was a big lesson of humility. In our advanced and intellectual society, everyone, including myself, often believed to know better and more than the others!!! What an illusion!

By putting all my attention in the positive, the negative was disappearing all by itself. It became obvious as the negative programs were removed. I could see myself progressing and striding. My life was improving in all it areas.
I didn’t need to analyze, to explain, to look for the causes, to dissect, to go back in the past. As it is often done in many intellectual and mental approaches. Which are long, complicated and so difficult. You want to understand with your mind but you don’t change your vibrations. You go round in circles and you maintain yourself in the past. You again live negative emotions that prevent you from proceeding to something else.
By changing this behavior and focusing all my attention on the positive, I could see that I was attracting more and more positive situations. Creating more harmonious experiences like these. It was so simple! The meditation and the healing (i.e. the energetic re-balancing) made me change my vibrations.
Since then I have often been saying this:“quick, simple, efficient”!! It's become like a catch phrase
This works for everybody and everything
It is up to every one to decide what he wants in life. Of course, this implies to change and for some people this is the most difficult part. They would like changes to occur in their life but would certainly not question themselves. So they blame the circumstances or the others and they think that life is not easy. This is the behavior of a victim who is subjected to.
By accepting the responsibility of one’s own life. Being open to the idea that everything that happens in the body or in life, is not an event of “chance”, “accident”, “coincidence” or “fatality”. Knowing all this, a Being can stop behaving as a victim, changing everything that is not right.
How wonderful!
What a freedom!
This is what creating one’s own reality is about.

Instead of believing I couldn’t have it all in life. I decided to believe that everything was possible. That I would always have everything I needed and everything I wanted at each moment. I also decided to accept not to believe that everything had to be difficult and complicated any more. I thought I deserved better.
Of course, after that, the matter was put into practice these simple and positive principles daily in all the areas of my life.
This required a great daily work, a big hearing and an every-minute attention.
I was learning how to live my life more consciously while changing my values. I was changing my way of thinking, talking, and acting.
The meditation was becoming a new life habit.
By re-balancing my energetic system this healing allowed me to eliminate all the blocks more deeply and strengthened each one of my decisions. Moreover, it opened myself to the help and sharing from someone else. After so many years of doing things all by myself, I thought asking for help meant not being able. What a mistake!!
I was becoming more attentive to each one of my thoughts, each one of my words and each one of my actions. There, I was getting more conscious of the actual negative conditioning I had been into before. Up until then without realizing it. With bemusement, I was sizing up the scope of this unconscious and general negative programming.
So I changed quickly.
Some changes were made more easily and rapidly than others. Above all, I had decided that I didn’t want to live like I had before, never again!! I didn’t want to suffer any more, neither in my body nor in the different situations of my life. This decision helped me move forward, progress and question myself time after time.
Of course, the positive effects manifested rapidly and encouraged me to carry on this new way of life.
There were also some well-intentioned people (but very negative and skeptical) who wanted to dissuade me from changing; telling me I didn’t even know if this would last!!!! Apparently, it seemed to them that this was too beautiful to be true!
But as for me, I already had the proof in my physical body: I wasn’t suffering any more and this was already a wonderful gift, not to suffer during one day! What if it lasted longer: maybe one week?! What if it lasted one month or one year! For me it was evident and worth to continue progressing in this different way.
Some people can’t understand the relief and happiness it means already not to suffer during only one day and even already during one hour. I preferred to think that this well-being wouldn’t stop. I was fed up with hearing only about the negative possibilities and all these manipulative programmings. Concerning a hopeless future of improvements from the doctors, the right-thinking people and an entire environment. The worst, always the worst!!!! The best seemed utopian and so unrealizable!!!
Actually, my health and my life never ceased to get better, going on for twenty-two years and counting.
EOf course, I didn’t make the changes in just one time. Every day I applied myself to change. I was seeing and listening to myself. Besides, I still change because life itself is perpetual change and progression. I know that, as long as I am on Earth, I will be learning and will be able to always get better.
At each moment, my life was showing me where I was according to my beliefs. I could improve by changing all these old negative schemes as one progresses. I was applying and putting into practice everything I was learning.
It was not just a nice theory any more, nice ideas or only a vision of the spirit, it was a philosophy of life to experiment at each moment and in all the areas of life.
It was like learning how to live again.
It was making the first steps again with new basis and different beliefs like a kid who starts in life.
Your life (i.e. the people, the behaviors, the events you have around you) is a reflection of everything you have inside.
Your life reflects all your beliefs.

Change so as to spread these energies. In this way, create a more harmonious daily life. Which will be easier and more prosperous, for you, for those around you, and more widely, for the whole mankind.
On Earth, every one seems to want more happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for all. Yet the habits of life and the negative beliefs that are spread to a great extent prevent to create this state. It is up to every one to question oneself in order to create a better world and to stop believing in unhappiness, poverty, suffering, disease, sacrifice as being inevitable and part of life.
It is up to every one to accept to be happy, to accept the happiness and abundance.
At this time I accepted to be happy every day, until the end of my life.
I am convinced that this is how we will be able to change the world. The more positive people who spread positive vibrations, the more they will spread on Earth like a snowball effect. Indeed, each person nourishes the planetary consciousness with his vibrations. Therefore, by changing, it’s the collective consciousness that also changes.
Let’s all participate in spreading other values that are more positive and more harmonious for all.