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The ideas I want to inform you of, I’ve been sharing them with my relations for twenty-two years. I have been teaching weekend workshops along with seminars of energetic balancing and spiritual healing since 1989 throughout the world.

Before that, I knew nothing about these ideas and this approach to life. It was a discovery and a shock at the same time: the collapse of all my values.Yet, it was the beginning of a new life, MY LIFE, a rebirth !

Born in a small village off the countryside of Nice. Being the eldest of four children, living in a close happy family, I had, as we say everything in my hands to succeed in my life. Looking from the outside, I was very successful, academically speaking, professionally, relationships, including men. Although things were different in spite of all these apparent successes, I thought I was in bad luck still. I found life unfair since I was often suffering, from my earliest age.
Indeed, I was ill during the whole first part of my life. I started with cardiac problems at the age of six months. When I was four years old, I had a motorbike accident and my right foot almost got torn off: resulting in four months of walking on one foot. At the age of eleven, a crisis of pyelonephritis left me between life and death during a period of three days.
Then a fall caused me some spine problems and a three weeks’ paralysis. During many years, problems of urinary, renal, gynecological and blood infections followed one another. At the age of twenty, following an accident at work, I found myself at the hospital with a cranial trauma and loss of consciousness. I had to remain confined in bed lying on my back for a month, but after a week, I signed a discharge and went back home because I couldn’t bear the noise and the cries of my room neighbor who had broken the neck of her femur. Back at the hospital, I had asked if there was something I could do regarding the shooting pain in my head. I was answered by the nurse to do like her, i.e. to take two aspirins every morning until the end of my life!!!???
At the age of twenty, I could certainly not accept that answer! Moreover, I didn’t feel respected in the suffering. At that time I told myself that there should definitely be something else to do and that I would find it.
Following this trauma, I suffered from migraines during fifteen years, which were daily at the beginning, with nauseas, gall-bladder disorders and balance problems. With all this, it was very difficult for me to work, especially with a telephone and sounds of a machine.
I had relapses of renal infections afterwards. All this came with pains and emotional shocks because of my very big sensitivity.
After that, a difficult period of painful events came along: the death of my grandmother followed by the death of my mother-in-law (after a hemiplegia and a year of suffering). I accompanied her during the whole time of her disease and kept her at home, until the last moment when she died in my arms. Then the sudden death of my mother occurred and left me in a state of deep breakdown.
Moreover, during the same period of time, I was divorcing, moving house and undergoing an operation on my abdomen. I found myself alone with a young child and jobless. A relapse of renal infection led me to another doctor in Nice who made an error of diagnosis. In spite of the information I gave him, he decreed that I had a gastro-enteritis. I insisted with no result. So he gave me an antibiotic treatment that of course wasn’t suitable. I remained confined in bed and was feeling bad. A friend of mine came and recommended another doctor as she was worried about my suffering and state. I remained confined in bed all the same and weak during some weeks.
I felt like I was “at the end of my tether” and, in my heart of hearts, I called, I prayed for something to happen!... because otherwise I preferred to die.

THE MIRACLE TOOK PLACE ! The call was heard!

Rapidly, people who would then participate in my recoveries started to appear in my life: bonesetters, hypnotists, dowsers and above all, a healer. Rare as they are in France, a person who knows how to use what “Mother nature” brings us. Using the plants and the energy in the form of magnetism. In this way I saw the quality of my life improve significantly. During two years, I learnt how to treat and relieve. I also learnt how to remove the heatstrokes, the sprains and the burns. I learnt the astral journey and different forms of work with the energy, the plants and the prayers.

However, this was not satisfactory, I felt it. I was better, but what I wanted was to HEAL. Was this possible?

Another call and another miracle happened..

This one came through the partner who was sharing my life at that time. One day he came back home transformed after a workshop of personal development!

This aroused my natural curiosity and, as I was being pushed by it, I met an American healer who gave me the key to heal myself and bring a complementary dimension to the healing and the powers of the spirit.
It did work; I was healed!
The dream had become reality. From this moment on, everything went very fast. I did several of his workshops to go further into this way, and, in less than one year, it was my whole life that was transformed; not only was my body totally healed, but also the quality of my life and relationships which were better than ever. I kept working on myself and following this path. My qualities as a healer became quickly well known and acknowledged for their power, which led me to make the healing my job.
I kept working with this healer and one day, he offered me to take over from him in Nice because he didn’t have the practical time to go there and teach.
So I started teaching with a friend in Nice, where I lived, being very successful. Then I continued teaching by myself in various cities of France and finally abroad: Spain, Argentina, New Caledonia and Portugal.
During five years, with a whole team, I helped to spread the positive thinking and healing, and make a system be known.
In 1994, I wished to share my own experiences and discoveries even more and differently. I also wished to add another dimension to my teaching. That’s the reason why I decided to leave this organization.
Thus, I felt free to share my message in my way and broaden it.

In 1996, I stopped teaching to dedicate myself to writing and family life more. All the while planning to set up a center of meditation and healing to help even more.

During the following years my three books were published:

  • "The Inner Voyage"
  • "Passport to Harmony"
  • "Dictionary of unbalances and diseases"

Seven records of meditations also came out:
  • "Rainbow Self-Healing"
  • "For More Clarity" 2 records
  • "Abundance and Prosperity"
  • "For a Better World"
  • "Yin and Yang"
  • "Meditations for Children"

In 1999, I resumed to teach steadily, first in New Caledonia, then in Tahiti and Bora Bora in 2002.
In 2002 I also taught some workshops in Australia.

I have two new books and some meditations in preparation.

Over all those years, a team has formed around me and helps me to pass on my message of love, harmony, and well being, in a word: of HEALING.

To be continued...