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The Trainings


The basic idea taught is that "everyone creates 100% of one's own reality".
This means that everything that happens in your body and in your life is here because you have created and attracted it. Everything is the result, the effect of what happens within you, in your consciousness.

Tout commence avec vos pensées et vos croyances, puis vos paroles et vos actes et va se refléter dans votre vie et votre corps.
Everything starts with your thoughts and your beliefs. Then with your words. And your actions. All of them will reflect in your life and your body. By accepting the responsibility of one’s own life. Being open to the idea that everything that happens in the body or in life, is not an event of “chance”, “accident”, “coincidence” or “fatality”. Knowing all this, a Being can stop behaving as a victim, changing everything that is not right.
How wonderful!
What a freedom!
This is what creating one's own reality is about.

We are in a society that is very advanced technologically and scientifically speaking. But in this society, most of the people are getting worse, more ill, stressed and negative. They are subjected to more pressures. This doesn’t reflect a positive evolution.
Indeed, the actual lifestyle in modern societies often bring human Beings to be carried away in swirls, in negative fears. This creates tensions: stresses, fear, guilt, anger, aggressiveness, confusion, disgust, bitterness and hate. People are also filled with negative beliefs given by the society and education. Obviously, when a symptom appears, they go for the miracle drug, treatment or operation quickly, as an emergency. Anything that would relieve and put everything back in order. What an illusion!!!
These behaviors are so much widespread that this seems “normal” since they are “quasi-general”. But they are actually extremely negative and not “normal”. The vibrations that are spread then, are obviously negative even though unconscious.

During a very long time, I took medicines of all kinds. I realize well now that they only relieved the pain. That they only made the effect disappear, often only temporarily. Because afterwards, the symptom reappeared and sometimes it was even stronger. I didn’t look further. I didn’t even ask myself why this symptom or this disease was there. I hadn’t learnt there was a reason to all this.
At that time, I didn’t know that a disease didn’t show by chance, like something that “comes down on you” without being able to do nothing. I didn’t know this was the result of tensions in my consciousness, the result of situations badly lived, the result of negative beliefs.

Now I know that a symptom shows as a warning: to help me change a way of being or a situation in my life that is not the best for me. By making this change the symptom disappears.
Therefore it's not a matter of "treating" but of "healing", really, i.e. to remove the cause within oneself at the deepest level.
It’s about questioning on oneself. The change manifests itself at the levels of thoughts, words and actions. You behave differently so you have a different result in your body and in your life.
You are the only one who can decide to change, you are the only one who can decide to be better, no one can do it for you.

(extract from the Dictionary of unbalances)

To live means to act, not to be subjected to anything anymore.
"People who succeed find the means,
the others look for excuses"

The healing doesn’t find itself in a bottle, in a magic potion or in a pill. It is in the change of behavior, the change of lifestyle and vibrations one spreads.

We don’t only exist at the physical level. We are also energy Beings. This energy is the very essence of who we are. When this energy circulates harmoniously, we are in good health, balanced, happy and we see clearly. This is our natural and normal state At this moment, we spread positive vibrations.
The body speaks a very simple language
All the negative behaviors or situations that are badly lived can block the energy. They can cause unbalances at different levels of the Being: at the energetic, mental, emotional and even physical level. The sight can also be affected in a negative way: shortsightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, etc.
Different areas of life can also not be functioning anymore
A symptom is a message. It comes here to help you be conscious of an unbalance, of a change to make in your lifestyle, in your behavior. Therefore it’s not a matter of just wishing to get rid of an effect, without eliminating the cause. It’s not a matter of just understanding with one’s mind. One must change his vibrations.
The cause lies inside, in the consciousness, in the way of living. It is this cause that one must change in order to get rid of the effect: on the physical body or in the physical world. Doing so the vibrations change.

This is what you will discover in Marie-Rose PIPPOLINI’s trainings. You will learn how to be more positive, to know yourself better and to have a more positive and wider vision of yourself, of others and of the world. You will also learn how to create a more harmonious environment in your life.
You will learn how to feel and use the energy too: meditations, healings, energetic balancing. You will learn how to use subtle capacities in order to change your vibrations and therefore create what you want.

The different trainings will allow you to change your way of being easily and softly. You will become more positive, more conscious of what happens within you and in your life.

The wish of every one being to be healthy and happy, these workshops teach then how to find or find back the health, and how to do to preserve it. You will also learn how to create a life in harmony with your deep desires, your aspirations, and how to fulfill your dreams.
These trainings are made for the purpose of teaching how to put into practice, to use new ideas, new values and new behaviors at the level of the daily life and in all the areas of life.

To heal means to start loving yourself

These workshops have a direct effect in life
Thanks to the use of the energy and the meditation, one gets direct results such as self-confidence, confidence towards others, serenity, joy, will in the realization of all his plans.
The effects of stress, fear, guilt, violence, dependence, control and all the negative behaviors also disappear. Everyone feels better “feeling good about himself”, more open to share and to be more honest.
There are different ways of healing oneself and of healing others by using the energy and the power of the Spirit.

The trainings include:
  • A theoretical part in which you explore the various aspects of your Being (physical, emotional, mental… levels) for a daily and practical use.
  • Then, practical exercises, which are different according to the trainings.

These trainings are aimed at everybody, of all ages, male or female and of all social milieus.
These methods not only find their application in the everyday life but also in the professional life.

You will discover all of this, and even more: all the beautiful personal experiences lived by Marie-Rose, which allowed her to transform her life in a healthy, soft and harmonious way, in accordance with her philosophy of life.

Along the years, Marie-Rose added some trainings functions of her experiences, of what she saw happening for most of the people in her workshops and on Earth.
Each workshop is like a piece of a puzzle, a piece of a story and it is a different approach.
1 Formation "Clarté"
2 Formation "Le Voyage Intérieur - Niveau 1"
3 Formation "Le Voyage Intérieur - Niveau 2"
4 Formation " Clarté - Harmonie - Equilibre "
5 Formation " Arc-En-Ciel "
6 Formation " Yin et Yang "
7 Formation "Abondance et Prospérité"
8 Formation " Etre bien et bien être "
9 Formation " En route pour l'Abondance "
10 Formation "En paix avec le passé"