Success Stories


Here some success stories from individuals who attended one or several of Marie-Rose PIPPOLINI’s workshops. A lot of them are not retranscribed here for a great number of people testified verbally.
Some of the testimonies are from the book “Passport for Harmony”.

A testimony is always important and wonderful because it recounts a fact, a change, which seemed very difficult or impossible to make and which is made so by working on oneself.
Nowadays, we can hear around us that things must change : that one must change his behaviors, his way of life, that one must stop being aided, that one must look after oneself, that one must take the responsibility of his life…
But people don't know HOW TO DO SO
We also hear that the Planet needs help. Each and every person in the society starts to be conscious of his own responsibility in the deterioration of the planet.
All of you who attended some workshops, you have discovered that if we want the world to change, the planet to heal, we must start by changing within ourselves, by stopping the destructive and negative behaviors.
It is our vibrations and our behaviors that must be changed.
By sharing your testimonies of changes, of success, you will help other people, who live the same experience as yours, to become aware that a technique, some tools exist in order to feel good, happy, in good health and to live the magic of life.
This act means much more than you can imagine. Indeed, there are a lot of people who are in need, who “call for” at another level, to receive answers and to know how to make some changes in their life, in order to be happy and healthy.
You have an important role for you already know yourself how to do this. Therefore you can share it with others.
Let’s open our hearts, let’s share our experiences so that more and more positive vibrations can spread.

Marie-Rose Pippolini